Falls Sie in den nächsten Tagen ein Mail von PEN Worldwide erhalten und international tätig sind, stimmen Sie bitte zu, dass Ihre Daten in der PEN Worldwide Datenbank gespeichert werden.


„….. All users of PEN Worldwide online services that have entered or registered an email address and/or personal data that is associated with a user of PEN Worldwide services will receive an email notification to accept that their email/personal data stays in the database. Those users that have already accepted the GDPR agreement will not receive another email. According to European Union law (which applies to everyone as PEN Worldwide is based in Germany), users are required to accept the terms of a linked agreement in order to remain a user of PEN Worldwide services (GDPR requirements). If you want to learn more about how PEN Worldwide protects user personal data click here to review the Privacy Policy. …..“