PEN Newsletter Oct 2022

From: PEN Worldwide <> Subject: Hello – New Events & Updates – Save the date!

PEN Worldwide Newsletter #2

Great news! There are new events taking place in the next months and registrations are open. The PEN Worldwide Marketplace is now open for business. Enjoy the #2 Edition of the PEN Worldwide Newsletter!

Check out upcoming Practice Enterprise events and save the date. We look forward to your participation!


Trade with Practice Enterprises around the world!

The PEN Events team is organising a two day trading event. You are invited to join the event and boost your trading! The PEN Halloween Trading Event takes place from November 2nd-3rd, 2022. The trading event theme is Halloween. Share your regular product portfolio and also create special Halloween offers. Click here to learn more and register!




PEN Entrepreneurship Week 2022

PEN Entrepreneurship Week 2022 is a social media competition. This year’s video competition focuses on leadership skills and social responsibility. The event takes place from November 14th-18th, 2022. Join the competition and win up to 50,000 PE USD and a surprise gift! Join the Competition Now!



Practice Enterprise Twinning

Twinning pairs two Practice Enterprises together – one current Enterprise with one new Enterprise, with the goal of helping the new Enterprise get started. Support can include training the new PE how to trade, find trading partners, to market, manage their enterprise. A great opportunity to support a new PE to set up their enterprise operations! Click here to help a new Enterprise get started!


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